Monday, March 07, 2005

Reorganizing Township Government

Here is what the Muncie Star Press had to say about SB 638 which would allow for the merging of Township Governments.


Mark Lawrance said...

Sen. Ford, you may wish add the Indianapolis Star endorsement of SB 638 as well as today, they said that it should be amended to INCLUDE Marion Co.

The Indianapolis Star loves your legislation!

Senator David Ford (R-Indiana) said...

Whether or not Marion County is in the bill is up to the Marion County legislators. I will accept the bill either way as they may amend it.

Senator David Ford (R-Indiana) said...

Here are some thoughts about SB 638 from the Indianapolis Star. said...

Glad to know you are innovative. I hope you don't think every existing idea or form of government must be disoved and not improved in search of new ways to do things. Many times the whole picture changes the outcome of well-intentioned plans.
Nicki Johnson, Monroe Twp. Trustee
Delaware County